• Site updated 04/09/2019

Tracking Kit and Equipment

This is what Judith Norman found to be a basic and essential kit list  to have available in  the field when tracking Asian Hornets in Jersey.

  • Leaflets: for public info, and for unattended bait station
  • Suterra: (sugar syrup and vinegar mixture for later top ups if Suterra in short supply)
  • Bowls: kitchen paper or tissues
  • Bottles of water: for drinking and for rinsing sticky fingers.
  • Bright visible stand: for the bowl, eg yellow builders’ bucket
  • (Marker pens,;queen catcher; stop watch if a capture and release licence is held)
  • Maps:
  • Radio:  to collaborate with other teams and alert any watchers standing further along when hornet departs 
  • Phone:
  • Binoculars: to watch exact destination if there is a long clear flight path
  • Compass: not essential if you don’t feel confident using it, but take care with landmarks to mark precise direction of flight on your map
  • Stick a label on your compass: – saying “Keep away from mobile phones, cars, binoculars” when reading it!
  • Sun hat: (avoid perfumed sun screen)
  • Small stool: to sit on while monitoring bait
  • Secateurs: for bramble
  • Walking shoes:
  • Packed lunch or money for lunch etc

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