• Asian Hornet Watch app

    Asian Hornet Watch

    It is important to report any suspected sighting of Asian hornets as soon as possible.

    Vigilance is particularly required in southern parts of England and Wales and around major ports.  The Asian hornet is active mainly between April and November and is inactive over the winter.

    For quick identification, please download the Asian Hornet Watch app on either iPhone or Android free of charge.

Monitor – Don’t Kill

Bottle traps

There is a new design of bottle trap which will trap Asian hornets but not European hornets and will also allow the smaller insects to escape. The design of this trap can be seen in the following links. However the design has been modified in the light of experience.

The size of the top hole should be 8mm and not 9mm as European hornets can enter through a 9mm hole.

Also it was found that beneficial insects tend to fly to the top of the trap. Therefore the 5.5mm exit hole should be moved to the top of the trap.

Please also remember that the aim is not to kill and therefore it’s important that a floating device (such as a piece foam or wood) is provide to prevent any insects from drowning.

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