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Monitor – Don’t Kill

There is a new design of bottle trap which will trap Asian Hornets but not European Hornets and will also allow the smaller insects to escape. The design of this trap can be seen in the following links however the design has been modified in the light of experience.  The size of the top hole should be 8mm and not 9mm as European hornets can enter through a 9mm hole.  Also it was found that beneficial insects tend to fly to the top of the trap. Therefore the 5.5mm exit hole should be moved to the top of the trap

Bearing in mind these modifications please view these links


Here are some photos of open dish monitoring this year. No insect deaths recorded. The bait was 1/3 beer, 1/3 white wine, 1/3 *Ribena, plus glucose powder. As much as you think the hornets would like.
The dish has a piece of paper towel in it which is kept damp with the bait solution. It seems to work all summer
Several queen European hornets came regularly in the Spring. They came early in the morning. Later in the season, the worker hornets came frequently and jealously defended their valuable feeding site against bumble bees and wasps.
No insects were killed and it didn’t matter if the dishes were not inspected for a day or two. Watching the visitors was very interesting. More time spent than necessary. Great opportunities for photographs. Fortunately, no Asian hornets. Yet! Seeing them early and ensuring notification is more important than killing them. For now that’s the job for professionals.

*Apple juice is said to be good too

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