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  1. I have been looking at :

    ​Xesús Feás is the youngest member of the Academy of veterinary Sciences of GALICIA​ and is probably one of the most knowledgeable scientists on the subject of V.v.

    DO have a look at the Facebook pages and also the website:

  2. Jill and Ken Beagley

    Yesterday, the BBKA updated their website home page to include a photo link to their Asian Hornet information and sighting report contact details. This sends out a strong Asian Hornet message to BBKA members, other entomological organisations and the general public that we all need to prepare for the arrival of the next Asian Hornet incursion.

  3. I am working on hornet detection using electronic sensors, plus drone technology for identification, location and potentially destruction of nests from above. I would like to be kept in the loop, but I don’t see an email list to join.

  4. You do not mention the Phone App available from the Playstore which will a) have ID information available and b) use the Phone’s GPS to assist in providing a location.

  5. First European Hornet Seen! Is this a record?

    Mrs Alison Authers sent in a report of a hornet on Saturday 3rd February. She had found it in her compost heap and wasn’t sure what species it was but she used the ID pictures on the Devonbeekeepers.co.uk website (and can also be found on this website on the IDENTIFICATION page)and realized she had found a European Hornet, Vespa crabro.

    You can see the photos she took on our ‘Identification/Public Observation’ page.
    After recording the sighting she released the insect back to her compost heap from where it flew off to find a suitable nest site.

    It just shows that it is not too early to see founding queens on the wing if the weather is warm enough and we should all be vigilant if we are going to spot accidentals which may have been imported from the Continent during the winter months, the great danger we face with Asian Hornet!

  6. Caroline Dilke has asked on the posts to the Youtube Video “Asian Hornet Action Teams are Go” which bait is best to attract Vespa velutina.
    Bob Hogge who devised the Jersey method of tracking tells me that SUTERRA (which is available from Pestcontroldirect.co.uk) was found to be the best in their work last year. However he has made the caveat that it may not be the best thing in the early part of the year when one is trying to attract founding queens and early workers.
    If you start experimenting and find good baits please tell us here so that we can share the information with other AHATs

  7. Since the sighting of the Asian Hornet at Woolacombe, Devon an Asian Hornet Action team has been created to obtain speedy reactions to any future sightings. If you suspect you have seen a hornet please keep it for identification purposes. It doesn’t matter if it is dead or alive.

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