• Asian Hornet Watch app

    Asian Hornet Watch

    It is important to report any suspected sighting of Asian hornets as soon as possible.

    Vigilance is particularly required in southern parts of England and Wales and around major ports.  The Asian hornet is active mainly between April and November and is inactive over the winter.

    For quick identification, please download the Asian Hornet Watch app on either iPhone or Android free of charge.

Tracking Kit and Equipment

This is what Judith Norman found to be a basic and essential kit list  to have available in  the field when tracking Asian Hornets in Jersey.

  • Leaflets: for public info, and for unattended bait station
  • Suterra: (sugar syrup and vinegar mixture for later top ups if Suterra in short supply)
  • Bowls: kitchen paper or tissues
  • Bottles of water: for drinking and for rinsing sticky fingers.
  • Bright visible stand: for the bowl, eg yellow builders’ bucket
  • (Marker pens,;queen catcher; stop watch if a capture and release licence is held)
  • Maps:
  • Radio:  to collaborate with other teams and alert any watchers standing further along when hornet departs 
  • Phone:
  • Binoculars: to watch exact destination if there is a long clear flight path
  • Compass: not essential if you don’t feel confident using it, but take care with landmarks to mark precise direction of flight on your map
  • Stick a label on your compass: – saying “Keep away from mobile phones, cars, binoculars” when reading it!
  • Sun hat: (avoid perfumed sun screen)
  • Small stool: to sit on while monitoring bait
  • Secateurs: for bramble
  • Walking shoes:
  • Packed lunch or money for lunch etc

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